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New Product Innovations


Our new Induction Tempering Furnace is able to produce everything our old furnace could and more — approximately 100 feet more per hour.



Ongoing Innovation


Learn more about ASW's dedication to innovation.

Our investment in advanced technologies has allowed us to enhance our research and development capabilities, maximize our integrated manufacturing processes, upgrade quality assurance monitoring and promote intensive employee training.


ASW Technical Services



American Spring Wire is a company built on continuous innovation. We make a point to invest in advanced technologies that allow us to enhance our research and development capabilities, maximize our integrated manufacturing processes, upgrade our quality assurance monitoring procedures and provide ongoing employee training.


Our new Induction Tempering furnace is one such innovation. Designed and built by American Spring Wire, this innovation provides proprietary oxide scale control and has helped our customers achieve improved coiling speeds with less scrap.




The best companies do everything possible to serve their clients — like investing in the latest technologies and machines. And that's just what ASW did. In fact, we're currently installing a cutting-edge Induction Tempering Furnace that improves our existing offering and helps expand our offering into other Higher Tensile Markets.


We took a long, hard look at our company and saw that improvements could be made in speed and quality by replacing our old technology. That's when we decided to make the change to the new Induction Tempering Furnace. It's a change for the future. It's a change for you.


Features and Benefits


  • Size range: 7.5 mm (.295") — 16 mm (.630") carbon steel and alloy steel wires.
  • Line capacity: 3 metric tons (6600 lbs.) average per hour with a maximum speed of 180 meters (580 feet) per minute.
  • Takeup: 4400 lbs. max., package outside diameter variable from 60" to 85", package inside diameter variable from 45" to 68" with the following constraints:
  • Wires up to .287" — 45" minimum inside diameter
  • Wires up to .288" to .397" — 54" minimum inside diameter
  • Wires up to .398" to .500" — 60" minimum inside diameter
  • Wires up to .501" to .625" — 68" minimum inside diameter
  • Package width from 7" to 24"
  • Improved Package — tighter wound, dimensionally more consistent
  • More Versatile — greater flexibility in package dimension so that we can package individually to fit your needs
  • There is an added "curie heating zone" on our furnace that most previously installed Induction Tempering lines do not have. This gives us a larger safety factor for complete transformation at high line speeds.
  • Quick Changeovers (1 1/2 hours max): "in-line" = greater scheduling capability with the possibility of reduced lead time.
  • Size Control: feed rolls are coordinated due to pull down — the spring making can then hold tighter tolerances.
  • Tight, adherent, very fine scale. Scale will be more uniform, and single strand oiling will be more consistent, not spotty.
  • Clean Operation: the line will have a water hardening quench rather than oil; drawing lubricants will be removed before processing through the line.
  • Better Quenching: faster, higher tensile strength with greater ductility.
  • Porcupines or breakage will be reduced for improved quality and safety in the end product.



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